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By taking the Belgian flag, am I except the law in my country?

Despite the Belgian Flag is accessible to all citizens of the European Community, please check with your local authorities that you can have a foreign flag certificate and the taxes to be paid locally.
By choosing the Belgian flag, your boat depends on the Belgian maritime rules.

Does the registration in Belgium allow not to pay the VAT on the boat?

No. Belgium is a part of the European Union, you have to release as such the VAT in one of the member countries of the EU. This applies in the case of a new acquisition (invoice with VAT) or during an import (boat outside EU); it is not current during a sale between private individuals.
This does not apply either if you make a purchase in the community market and if this VAT was already paid by the first user.This does not apply either if you summit an acquisition outside of the European community and do not intend this good for a use inside the European zone. But attention in this last case, the boat will nevertheless have to meet the requirements of the standards of construction in EU to be registered in Europe.

The motorization of my boat is assured by electric engines, is it a problem?

No, it is enough to indicate in your request the brand, the reference and the serial number of these engines. If you have on board a generator to feed these engines, you should not specify it. Only engines with propulsion must be declared.

I am not national of the European Union, how can I do?

Attention, from 12 March 2012, it is not possible to get a Belgian flag certificate anymore, if your nationality is not from the European Union and that you have no address of residence in Belgium.
We recommend the Dutch flag ( for which there is not such an obligation. It will be enough to have a co-owner, national of the European Union, owning a minimum of 50 % of the shares of the boat.

I wish to make register my boat of extra-community origin, how can it be done?

All the boats of origin community extra have to pass by a procedure of import and release the VAT in Europe, if they are intended to be used on the European market.
This procedure is assured by the customs office where are situated the good during the customs clearance.
The amount is generally calculated on the market value determined by the bill of sale of the good. Customs can ask for an expertise if they judge that the declared amount is widely under estimated with regard to the real value of the good. The steps of customs clearance can be carried out in an European country where the rate of VAT is more advantageous, without the possibility that the payment of the difference will be requested to you. All the payments of VAT in Europe are recognized by the other member states, even if their rate differ.
If you do not intend your good for a use on the European market, you will have no obligation to clear it through customs but you then have to declare an attached port extra community.
In every case, you will also have to spend by a procedure of EC homologation. Since the European directives organized in 1998, all the boats of origin community extra and\or the launch on the European market before this date cannot be formally proved, must be EC homologated before their use on the market and their registration in Europe.
If the boat is of size equal or superior to 12.00 metres, you will have the other choice no than to appeal to a notified body to meet the EC requirements. If your boat is rather recent and of size < 12.00 metres, we can propose you a solution for its use on the market European and the registration under Belgian flag

I have a radio on board, may I use it under Belgian flag?

YES, on the condition of the note beforehand declared with the IBPT (Belgian Institute of postal services and Telecommunications). You simply have to indicate the technical characteristics of your device (attention it must be stamped EC) and make it register.
You also have to possess as in your country, a certificate of radiotelephonist (Most of foreign  certificates are recognized in Belgium).
We can take charge of the registration, contact us for more details

I wish to keep preserve my insurance, it is possible?

You can keep your insurance in your country; number of insurers knows how to register boats under Belgian flag. You have to indicate in any case the change of nationality of flag to your current insurer. If this last one refuses, you can contact our partners such as PANTAENIUS

Can I navigate without any license on the inland waterways with a boat under Belgian Flag?

License exists in Belgium but boating around the coast or further out to sea is open to all and does not require a license... On the other hand, a boating license for recreational navigation on the inland waterways is mandatory for steering a pleasure boat that is either a minimum of 15 meters in length or is equipped with an engine and can reach a speed of at least 20 km/per hour. An equivalent license issued by the appropriate authorities of your country is also accepted.
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