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Belgium flag : be responsible ! navigate freely !

Belgium flag : navigate freely !

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Pavillon Belge

Boating registration in Belgium is open to all citizens of any EU member state.  Also, there is no obligation to establish residency in Belgium.

This offers many advantages, which include:

  1. Fast and simple registration process for: new boats, serial boats, imported boats, amateur boats, opportunity boats (already registered or pending registration) and old boats registered to the commercial registry.
  2. Regardless of the equipment or boat type, you can navigate freely as there are no category restrictions
  3. You can adapt freely your security equipment
  4. Operate a motorboat without a license anywhere on the maritime domain

The flexible Belgian boating regulations allows for any European citizen to boat anywhere legally, at a lower cost and with less requirements.

Moreover, the Belgian flag benefits from an excellent reputation across all seas of the globe!

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